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Queue Summary

The available queues and their associated limits are listed below for all of our HPC systems. The following tables list the queues in order of priority from highest to lowest. The Queue Name is the name of the queue as it appears on the systems. The Job Class is the class of jobs that may be run in that queue. Queues without a Job Class can run any class of jobs. Max Wall Clock Time is the maximum lifetime for any job running in a queue, and Max Cores per Job is the maximum number of cores that may be allocated to any single job in a given queue.

Users should submit directly to high, frontier, or standard queues, which are routing queues. Jobs will be moved automatically into the appropriate large job "_lg", small job "_sm", or long walltime "_lw" queues.

Job priority starts at an initial value based on core count and the queue to which the job was submitted. It then increases for each hour that the job has been waiting to run.

Summary of Queues on the Cray XC40/50 - Onyx
Priority Queue
Max Wall
Clock Time
Min Cores
Per Job
Max Cores
Per Job
Highest urgent Urgent 24 Hours N/A 22 7,260 Designated urgent jobs by DoD HPCMP
Down Arrow for decreasing priority test N/A 24 Hours N/A 22 N/A Staff-only testing
debug Debug 1 Hour 4 22 11,484 User testing
HIE Debug 24 Hours 2 22 110 HPC Interactive Environment
high_lg High 24 Hours 2 8,449 105,820 Designated high-priority jobs by Service/Agency (large jobs)
high_sm High 24 Hours 70 22 8,448 Designated high-priority jobs by Service/Agency (small jobs)
high_lw High 168 Hours 3 22 10,824 Designated high-priority jobs by Service/Agency (long walltime)
frontier_lg Frontier 24 Hours 2 7,261 143,968 Frontier projects only (large jobs)
frontier_sm Frontier 48 Hours 70 22 7,260 Frontier projects only (small jobs)
frontier_lw Frontier 168 Hours 15 22 15,708 Frontier projects only (long walltime)
frontier_md Frontier 96 Hours 2 15,709 34,540 Frontier projects only (medium sized, long walltime)
standard_lg Standard 24 Hours 2 7,261 105,820 Normal priority jobs (large jobs)
standard_sm Standard 24 Hours 70 22 7,260 Normal priority jobs (small jobs)
standard_lw Standard 168 Hours 3 22 5,808 Normal priority jobs (long walltime)
transfer N/A 48 Hours 6 1 1 Data transfer jobs. Access to the long-term storage.
Lowest background Background 4 Hours 6 22 7,260 Unrestricted access - no allocation charge.